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1. High quality, top performance, roof mount, amplified DAB/FM/AM car aerial.
2. Can also be fitted to wing, boot lid etc. (at slight expense of performance).
3. If your vehicle currently has a built-in-the glass or similar FM/AM aerial, installing the 'DAB/FM/AM antenna will probably improve your FM/AM reception as well.
4. A roof mounted combined DAB + FM aerial antenna. You don't need to add additional DAB aerials.
5. Mast easily unscrews for carwash.
6. Quick and easy to install,money and time saving.
7. Universal for most of vehicles.

Model: B45013
Color: Black
Material: Metal & Plastic
Bar Length  (exlcuding base): 230mm
Base Length: 67mm
Antenna Angle: Approximately 75 ° 
Supply Voltage: 12V DC
Power Consumption: 25-50mA
DAB connector: SMB Female pin right angle
FM /AM connector:DIN Male
Mechanical Cable: RG174
Mounting Method: Screw
Amplifier gain:
AM 0±3dB
FM 12±3dB
DAB 170~240MHz 20±2dB; 1452~1492MHz 12±3dB
Noise figure: Less than 3dB
Output impedence: 75Ω
Operating Temperature:-40℃~+85℃
Cable Length: 5m with SMB (DAB) connection / DIN (AM/FM) connection
Working Frequency: 
DAB: 170MHz-240MHz (Band III),1452MHz-1492MHz (L-Band)
FM: 525-1700kHz
AM: 87.5 – 108MHz


For Alpine All in-car DAB except Ezi-DAB
For Beat ALL in-car DAB except 400 & 485
For Blaupunkt All in-car DAB
For Caliber Caliber ALL in-car DAB except PMT-700D
For C-KO All in-car DAB
For Clarion Clarion ALL in-car DAB except DAB302E
For Clarity CCE203-DAB
For Grundig All in-car DAB
For JVC All in- car DAB
For Kenwood All in- car DAB
For Kinetic All in-Car DAB
For Pioneer All in-car DAB except GEX-P900DAB
For Philips CEM…..series
For Pure Highway H240Di H260D
For Sonichi SB50-DAB
For Sony All in-car DAB
Package Included:
1 X AM/FM Antenna with DAB Radio Amplifier

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